Emergency Road Service in Baton Rouge Flat Tire repair

Repair or Replace Any Size Tire Today


Over 50 years experience with all different sizes of tires. No other company has provided mobile tire repair service in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas longer than Emergency Road Service.With our large inventory of tires and the ability to have tires shipped in from anywhere we can find the right size tire for you. Emergency Road Service also has experience with all construction and farm equipment. Call 225-752-5063 for information regarding tires and tire sizes.

Highway Blowouts


In the event you have a blowout on the highway make sure to be prepared by always having a inflated spare, jack and lug wrench in your vehicle. Make sure to check your spare regularly for proper inflation. Call 225-752-5063 for tire repair service in Baton Rouge, Prairieville, Gonzales, Livingston and Hammond. For emergency road service in Baton Rouge, New tires, and used tires, Call today!

Safety and Efficiency


Emergency Road Service can provide a preventive maintenance check on your vehicle. Ensuring your vehicle is safe and efficient. Call 225-752-5063 today to schedule your next vehicle check up.